A Forever Missing Puzzle Piece

yellow jigsaw puzzle piece

It’s been over a year since my best friend’s little brother had passed away suddenly. He was only 29 years old. Full of life, charismatic, always wearing a smile. He once said to me “You’re like my other older sister” which the most flattering thing he’d ever said to me. Which goes to show what a genuine person he was. 

His passing was extremely shocking. Nothing could have prepared me for dissipating the inevitable milestones of what I imagined for him to achieve… marrying the love of his life and becoming a great father. Truly robbed of his experience to grow old.

My mind can’t seem to wrap around speaking about him in the past tense. His social media antics show up as memories and constantly remind me of his undying presence. A digital ghost, if you will, to remind that life without him will forever feel like a void. A forever missing puzzle piece. 

I visited his grave yesterday on Memorial Day. The presence of the disturbed soil and where he laid to rest not yet been marked reminds me that his passing is still all too new. I’ve always been an overthinker thinking about possible scenarios or events that could happen and prepare of how to handle certain circumstances. But never ever would I have prepared for the loss of you.   

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