As Featured on First We Feast: Hot Ones (Season 3)

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1. Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Chili Sauce | 2. Tabasco Original Flavor Pepper Sauce | 3. El Yucateco Sauce Hot Habanero Caribbean | 4. QUEEN MAJESTY HOT SAUCE Hot Sauce Red Habanero Black Coffee | 5. Hot Ones Homeboy Fiery Sauce (discontinued) | 6. Ghost Pepper and Blueberry Hot Sauce By Bravado Spice | 7. Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce | 8. Da’Bomb Hot Sauce – Beyond Insanity | 9. Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce | 10. Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce with Liquid Fury

Season 3 Playlist

Thanksgiving Leftovers

If you’re like my husband, he avoids eating leftovers and prefers to eat fresh all of the time. If you’re like me, I don’t mind eating leftovers by either heating it up in the oven, stovetop, or even in the microwave. But then sometimes, like my husband or other picky eaters in your life, that new revelation of a new dish (little do that know that it’s partially made from leftovers) will get them eating the leftovers. Very much like my family, I’m sure many of you will have leftovers from your Thanksgiving feast and here are several great ideas of how to revamp your leftovers.

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Chicken/Turkey Leftovers

Chicken/turkey leftovers can be used for a variety of dishes and are not only stemmed from Thanksgiving leftovers. I’ve used meat leftovers for a variety of asian dishes like fried rice, rice congee, and kaopiak (which is a Laotion chicken noodle soup) – follow for more updates on these recipes in the horizon. On the flip side, it’s fun to try other dishes to broaden my cooking horizons.

December 30, 2018

This pie was literally my first ever attempt in baking a turkey pot pie from leftover turkey from Thanksgiving two years ago. It was pretty tasty despite its dry flour appearance that I, later realized, that you have to brush the top crust with egg wash! It makes sense now as to why the appearance of it didn’t quite look as to how it did in my head.


Anyway, we live and we learn and this year will be another great attempt to perfect a chicken/turkey pot pie recipe. And if you’re woodier if that’s Tabasco Hot Sauce, it sure is! I put hot sauce on everything and it especially tastes really good with pot pies.

Although I don’t recall the recipe I used for the pot pie two years ago, the following recipes look promising. Best part of it all is that you can make several chicken/turkey pot pies and freeze to eat through the following year.

Mac & Cheese Leftovers

Leftover mac and cheese has never been tossed away. We usually eat it up in a matter of over a few days. But with this year’s Thanksgiving leftover in competition with all of the other leftovers is going to be a tough one. I came across a recipe of Mac & Cheese Bites that looks really good. Probably would cool the mac and cheese in the fridge first, roll them into separate ball, freeze individually on baking sheets and then freeze them altogether for future deep fried bites.

I love a good jalapeño mac and cheese and I think that best that I’ve ever tried was at Macs’ Jalapeño Popper dish. So whenever I’m in the area or near Wisconsin Dells or Madison, WI – I always try to stop by and have a bite to eat.

But since I’m not traveling these days, I would love to make a rendition of a jalapeño flavored leftover mac and cheese dish. Most likely our leftover Mac and cheese will lack the spice that I usually would prefer because my kids don’t eat spicy. I’m looking at a cross between jalapeño poppers and jalapeño mac and cheese. The following recipe comes close to what I have in mind but I’m curious about adding jalapeño cream cheese and baked it with wrapped bacon. (sigh) Let me sit on that and I’ll keep you posted – follow or updates.

Stuffing Leftovers

Stuffing by itself is already really good. I’ve never found a need to revamp it to create a new dish but I’m curious as to how stuffing can be reinvented to something else that’s new and interesting like the following recipes.

Ham Leftover

My husband loves having ham for Thanksgiving every single year and it’s usually our own family tradition that we bring to the table (pun intended).


So as I write this, we’ve already gone grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving feast (with minor ingredients left to purchase) and I can tell you that there’s a 9 pound half of a ham of Kirkland Applewood Smoked Spiral Sliced Ham from Costco that’s sitting in our fridge right now. So I know that we’re going to have leftover ham, and we always do, but one thing’s for certain is that we are going to make Crockpot Split Pea Soup with Ham from the leftover ham.

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As Featured on First We Feast: Hot Ones (Season 2)

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1. Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Chili Sauce | 2. Tapatio Hot Sauce, Salsa Picante | 3. El Yucateco Sauce Hot Habanero Caribbean | 4. High River Sauces Hellacious Hot Sauce | 5. Pain is Good – Louisiana Style / Hot Ones Homeboy Fiery Sauce (discontinued)| 6. Rogue Moruga Blood Orange Scorpion Pepper Sauce | 7. Pain 100% – Organic Hot Sauce | 8. Da’Bomb Hot Sauce – Beyond Insanity | 9. Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce | 10. Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce with Liquid Fury / Blair’s After Death Sauce with Liquid Rage

Season 2 Playlist

Recipes Using the Hot Sauces

1. Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Chili Sauce

As Featured on First We Feast: Hot Ones (Season 1)

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1. Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce | 2. Cholula Hot Sauce, Original | 3. El Yucateco Sauce Hot Habanero Caribbean | 4. Lottie’s Traditional Barbados Yellow Hot Pepper Sauce | 5. Pain is Good – Louisiana Style | 6. Pain 100% – Organic Hot Sauce | 7. Blair’s Original Death Sauce with Chipotle | 8. Dave’s Gourmet Hot Sauce, Temporary Insanity | 9. Dave’s Original Insanity Hot Sauce | 10. Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

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Fried Rice

Fried rice is the leftover queen that you either precisely perfect the ingredients to its masterpiece or either be a dish that you mindlessly throw together and surprise yourself and be like that sh$t was bomb and think to yourself “I’m a food goddess”.


My very first memory of attempting to make fried rice was when I was at the age of probably five year old. My family and I rented this duplex on the East Side of St Paul on Plum Street in the Dayton’s Bluff area and I remembered we had an electric stove (I also remember burning my hand on that electric stove because I couldn’t tell if it was on as it was taking forever!). Anyway, I remembered it clearly with me standing on a kitchen chair and stirring plain white rice in a small pan over the stovetop. Of course, I didn’t understand at the time that I need to add flavor to the mix! Also remembered my mom walking into the kitchen surprised and awing that I was trying to cook. Looking back at it and being a mom now, probably shouldn’t be having a five year old cooking over a stovetop.

Skipping to years later when I probably nine years ago and at my late grandmother’s house. This was one of those times that I threw something together and was like “oh sh$t, this tastes really good!” and it was merely throwing in oyster sauce just because it needed color and that did the trick.

Much to a lifelong experiment of cooking fried rice I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a concoction of short-grained white rice with any variety of the following pillars:

  1. Oil (vegetable oil, sesame oil)
  2. Protein (chicken, shrimp, beef, pork, tofu)
  3. Eggs
  4. Holy trinity (garlic, ginger, onion)
  5. Veggies (green onion, cilantro)
  6. Asian Condiments (soy sauce, oyster sauce, sriracha sauce)

Combine these pillars whether it’s less or more than the other pillars, it doesn’t matter, it’s entirely up to you. My fried rice dishes have always varied from one to the other (dependent upon what I have at hand). But keep it simple and you’d be eating just fine.

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Servings Size: 3-5 | Prep Time: 5-7 minutes | Cook Time : 10-15 minutes


Kitchen Essentials


  1. Drizzle oil into the wok or sauté pan over medium to high heat stovetop.
  2. Add the minced ginger and garlic and cook until aromatic, which will take about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Add the diced yellow onions and stir until golden brown.
  4. Add leftover cooked short-grained white rice and break down and stir with cooking utensil until rice is broken down.
  5. Add protein, shredded carrots, and mix thoroughly.
  6. Add oyster sauce, soy sauce, and optional sriracha sauce and mix thoroughly.
  7. Turn stovetop heat off and add green onions, cilantro, and then stir.
  8. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

Gift Guide for a Content Creator

I would consider myself as a content creator. I love recording videos, taking photos, and editing along with posting it on my blog and on social media. I find great joy in creating content for the world to see, whether if it’s of my cooking or my family. I’ve put together some items that I use personally and have found to be great tools in my creating process and I’m sure the person you’re gifting will love them too.

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1. Softbox Studio Lighting | 2. LuMee Duo by Case-Mate | 3. Selfie Ring Light | 4. Photo Backdrop Stand | 5. Apple iPhone 11 Pro | 6. Apple iPad Pro | 7. Apple Pencil | 8. VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera | 9. Overhead Video Stand Phone Holder | 10. SanDisk 64GB X2 (128GB) MicroSDXC Ultra Uhs-1 Memory Card | 11. Camera Shutter Remote Control

The Eye of the Beholder – I have always envied those who know how to use and capture beautiful photos with a DSLR Camera. I envied them so much I had even purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera many years ago, which is also another great gift to give to someone who is looking into advance their photography and videography skills. I, on the other hand, no longer have the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera as I have other preferences, but don’t let that refrain you from gifting someone this item. I know plenty of people who love DSLR cameras and use it professionally.

Looping back to other preferences of shooting content, I prefer to use my Apple iPhone 11 Pro primarily and currently testing out my VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera. I love my Apple iPhone 11 Pro as I always have it with me and it’s convenient for me to capture photos and videos. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is by far the best phone camera I’ve ever own as it has three camera lens, 1) Wide Camera, 2) Ultra Wide Camera, and 3) Telephoto Camera. Now, I’m not going to get in to the technical aspects of the lenses and what they do but what I do know that I can capture an object up close and capture a wider view without stepping back so significantly. There’s also another feature of taking portrait photos that show depth which gives it that feature that SLR cameras have. I use my Apple iPhone 11 Pro to capture all of my current photos and videos on my Instagram and Facebook. I should also add that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro can capture underwater – below is a clip of our adventure in Maui earlier this year (before covid).

The VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera was purchased in hopes of capture more content when we go on our adventures. In the meantime, I’m currently testing out the VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera with arts and crafts projects and we’ll see how that turns out, be sure to follow or subscribe for more updates on that as well.

Stands – Along with these capturing gadgets comes with its entourage of support. The Selfie Ring Light stand that I own supports holding a phone and capable of holding other gadgets like the VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera (given that this product provides its own stand accessories to attach to the stand). The legs of the Selfie Ring Light stand is adjustable to any height from table top to the height of a normal tripod. The Photo Backdrop Stand is great for when you want a clean and crisp background to take photos of a product, yourself, or for video recording purposes. I use an Overhead Video Stand Phone Holder for when I shoot a bird’s eye view of my cooking videos and take photos of clothes for my Poshmark closet.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Lighting is everything when capturing your content. The Softbox Studio Lighting is ideal when you want that full lighting an object without casting hard shadows. I use this lighting when I’m capturing photos of my Poshmark clothing items. As previously mentioned, the Selfie Ring Light, not only can be used as a stand but also a lighting component. The Selfie Ring Light is great for beauty gurus capturing makeup tutorials or anyone creating Tiktok videos. However, if you’re out and about and need lighting to take better selfies or group photos, I would recommend a LuMee Duo by Case-Mate. Before covid and on nights out in downtown Minneapolis, I would use LuMee Duo by Case-Mate all the time to capture our adventures – below is a photo of me and my husband using my LuMee Duo by Case-Mate.

My husband and I at Marvel Bar in downtown Minneapolis, MN

Accessories – Other items that will make content creating more smooth would include SanDisk 64GB X2 (128GB) MicroSDXC Ultra Uhs-1 Memory Card, I would suggest getting multiple, especially when using action cameras like VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera. In addition, a Camera Shutter Remote Control for pressing record or take a photo from a far. My son is also a content creator, his specialty is creating Lego stop motion videos and uses the Camera Shutter Remote Control to allow the camera to be stable and the frame to stay consistent.

Illustration – Besides capturing photos and video, I use an Apple iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil to illustrate digital content like published books. The Apple iPad Pro comes with illustrative and editing apps like Adobe Photoshop for iPad, Adobe Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, and so much more.

I hope you enjoy this gift guide for the content creator in your life. They will surely appreciate these items and level up their content creating capabilities. Happy gifting!

Gift Guide for the Beauty Gurus

A gift guide for that beauty guru who loves to serve a hair, beauty, and makeup. The following items put to together range from makeup to skincare, and hair tools that some of which I use and items that are on my wishlist.

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1. Dermaplaning Razor | 2. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser | 3. Vitamin C Serum | 4. Makeup Brush Set | 5. Salicylic Acid Exfoliant | 6. CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion | 7. Dyson Airwrap Hair Tool | 8. Concealer | 9. Mascara | 10. Fenty Beauty Liquid Eyeliner | 11. Hyaluronic Acid | 12. WUNDERBROW Eyebrow Gel | 13. Makeup Primer | 14. Makeup Setting Spray | 15. Fenty Beauty Foundation | 16. Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss

Skincare – First off, skincare is the foundation of looking flawless. I discovered Dermaplaning Razor many years ago from YouTube beauty gurus, this tool is also known as an eyebrow razor. I like to tell my friends that I shave my face because that’s basically what I do but in fancier terms, it’s dermaplaning darling. The benefits of the Dermaplaning Razor has it’s multiple perks such as removing peach fuzz hair on the face, upper lip hair, and eye brow hair. Although all of these benefits are for the obvious reasons for hair removal, it also is a great exfoliator and leaves skin super soft. You’ll also find that after using the Dermaplaning Razor, that makeup foundation and concealers look more smooth when applied.

Tiktok made me purchase CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser! I follow @dermdoctor on Tiktok and inspired me to try it. I have normal to oily acne prone skin and I find that this product to works really well.

I had already been using Vitamin C Serum, and much thanks to @dermdoctor, it’s a much appreciated validation that I was on the right track. Vitamin C helps with brightening of the skin which helped tremendously with my blemishes. I would see my blemishes disappear after a week worth of daily use. Since following @dermdoctor, I’ve also purchased Salicylic Acid Exfoliant (to help with my time of the month breakouts) and CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion. I use these skincare products personally and I have also adopted my teenager son to use these products into his skincare routine and has shown great improvement on his skin. With regards to skincare products that are on my wishlist, @dermdoctor also recommends Hyaluronic Acid to help refine pores and make your skin smoother.

Face – I personally have been shopping around for primers and have had my fair share of going through primer products. The Baby Skin Primer seems to be pretty popular, definitely on my wishlist as one of the products that I would like to try. Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Concealer is on my wish list of concealers to try as well and I’ve been hearing great reviews about this item. Now when serving the face, I personally use Fenty Beauty Foundation. Let’s not forget the sidekicks that contribute to a flawless application, every beauty guru needs a good Makeup Brush Set, which I’m guilty of. And to top it off, a great Makeup Setting Spray to set the face makeup in place for a long lasting wear – also on my wishlist.

Eyes – It gives full coverage, it’s matte, and it lasts throughout the day without reapplication with no need of applying powder. This is by far one of the best foundations I’ve ever used and looks great with or without primer. Now with the eyes, I love using L’Oreal Paris Makeup Double Extend Mascara and I have been using it for years. I’ve tried many other mascaras with different and well-known brands but I always find myself coming back to this tried and true mascara companion. I love using Fenty Beauty Liquid Eyeliner, the tip is hard which I find it better for control and consistency, unlike other liquid eyeliners that are more brushlike with bristles that can come out of place. The WUNDERBROW Eyebrow Gel is also another popular item that’s on my wish list, I’ve read so many great reviews on this product as well and it’s a definite must try.

Lips – I love a good lip balm but I have sensitive prone lips to lip balms that have fragrance or beeswax as the ingredients. But lipglosses, however, are a great alternative for me, especially when I want to add a touch of glitz to my look, I personally love Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss. And I absolutely love the design of the lip gloss. It’s like whenever I take the Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss out to reapply, it’s a show stopper to any room.

Hair – Now this next item, it’s more on the pricier side but definitely THE gift to gift to someone for the holidays. I LOOOOOVE my Dyson Airwrap Hair Tool, it’s got everything you need and more from a hair blow dryer, curling wand, straightening brush, roller brush, and smooth brush. After styling my hair it’s like I just came from the salon. I can significantly see the shine of my hair in my poor lighted bathroom, needless to say, but my hair goes from its usual frizzy hot mess to a complete hair commercial.

I hope you love these items as much I do or anticipate to. Happy gift giving!

Gift Guide for the Traveller

Although traveling is not recommended right now during this pandemic. We’ve got nothing better to do than to daydream about it and why not daydream about traveling essentials?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Hardside Expandable Luggage with Wheels | 2. Fanny Pack | 3. Toiletry Bag | 4. Umbrella | 5. Traveling Backpack | 6. Cosmetic Bag | 7. Passport Wallet | 8. Memory Foam Travel Pillow | 9. Laundry Bag | 10. Clear Toiletry Bag

Luggage Gear – I love me some new luggage gear and it’s about that time to update and maybe opt in for that Hardside Expandable Luggage with Wheels. A Toiletry Bag is perfect to store in your luggage, especially one that you can hang on the door of any lodging destination. Clear Toiletry Bags are also great to store your skincare products from your makeup products and etc. A Cosmetic Bag to lay out makeup products on a counter for convenience and when your done it can easily be snatched up in a cute little pouch. I personally have a Laundry Bag in my luggage. This comes in handy for when separating clean clothes from dirty laundry in your luggage. It just makes laundry that much easier for when coming back home.

Travel Accessories – I love me a good Traveling Backpack with slots for my Apple MacBook Pro, Apple iPad Pro, and travel journal. A Fanny Pack and a Passport Wallet is a must for secure traveling with important documents. An Umbrella and a Memory Foam Travel Pillow to some shut eye on the flight.

Gift the traveling bug in your life the gift of traveling in style. Hope you find this gift guide helpful and happy gifting!

What Are You Making for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a week from now. If you’re like me, I’m thinking up a storm of what to make. Of course, social distancing is still a must, my little family unit of my husband and kids will be feasting on Thanksgiving Day. Which come to mind, I think this will be our first Thanksgiving Dinner together, like only us together. Like, no extended families or friends to go over or invite to celebrate this day. I’m just going to let this settle in, I can’t believe that this will be our first Thanksgiving to celebrate by ourselves.


To say that 2020 has been quite a year will be an understatement. Some of us have lost loved ones this year and holidays will be harder in general as we can’t celebrate life like we normally would. But we must make of what we have and what life has to offer at this point. So I look forward to feasting and I most look forward what you all will be cooking on that day, even if it’s just for yourself or in your household.

Since it’ll just be my little family unit of four. This is what I’m conjuring up at the moment. Let’s categorize them into four groups as 1) the classics, 2) the sidekicks, 3) the end game.

NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The Classics

The Bird

Turkey – I’m debating if I should cook a Turkey since it’s just going to be the four of us. Personally, I have never attempted to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving before so I’m curious as to how I should go about doing it. I guess this would be the perfect Thanksgiving to try as… there’s no expectation.


Anyway, all jokes set aside, I looked at Pinterest and I’m think of making either one of the following Turkey recipes:

Chicken – Being that it’ll just be the four of us, maybe I’ll keep it small and cook my simple Quick and Easy Crockpot Chicken Recipe.

The Sidekicks

Mash potatoes – I can’t recall making my own mash potatoes, it’s more of me helping out in the kitchen either peeling them and mashing them. But I’m intrigued in trying this Herb and Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe. This recipe looks so good with all of its buttery-ness I can’t wait to try it out! Yum!

Stuffing – Let’s be honest here. Thanksgiving Day is literally slaving in the kitchen and sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the simple boxed Stove Top Stuffing Mix to bring everything together. But because this year’s Thanksgiving feast will happen literally when every dish is ready, I think I’ll attempt to make stuffing from scratch like this Classic Traditional Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe.

Biscuits – Now these biscuits will probably be one of the few dishes that I’m not going to cook from scratch, but it’s a definite must for a Thanksgiving side dish. Last year’s Thanksgiving dinner I made Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix and wowed all of my guests with these biscuits. So much so that they also made these biscuits for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix

Mac & Cheese – My husband makes the best Mac & Cheese (and just because he’s from Wisconsin doesn’t mean that’s the reason why).


The first meal my husband ever made when we started starting was his Mac & Cheese and he still melts my heart with cheese to this day! He just seems to through whatever ingredients together and I have never really picked up on how he makes it. Maybe this Thanksgiving I’ll be able to draft a recipe and share with you all soon! In the meantime, here are some Mac and Cheese recipes that I was able to find that I found to look quite tasty. Who knows, I might just opt for one of these recipes because they just look so damn good. (Sigh) I’m salivating now.

The End Game

The last round of the feast must be the dessert – the ultimate end game!

Pumpkin Pie – My husband and I love a good pumpkin pie and probably going to try out one of these recipes found on Pinterest.

So now what I’ll have to do is narrow my selections of recipes to try for Thanksgiving next week. Follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook on what we’ll be feasting! Take care and stay safe everyone!

Gift Guide for a Coffee Drinker

I love coffee! I drink coffee every single day. When I use to be based in downtown Minneapolis for work, I was one of those people who spent money at Starbucks every single day, surely gained about 10 pounds in that first year. It was worth every single yummy delicious experience. But now that I’m working from home, it’s just too much effort putting on shoes and head to a Starbucks. I can’t.. just can’t. So here are great gifts to gift someone who is a huge coffee drinker and a home body such as myself.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. Peet’s Coffee French Roast | 2. Starbuck Breakfast Blend K-Cup Coffee Pods | 3. Keurig Coffee Maker | 4. Mug Warmer | 5. Espresso Machine | 6. French Press | 7. Pour Over Coffee Maker | 8. Coffee Maker | 9. YETI Tumbler | 10. Double Wall Glass Mug | 11. Coffee Bean Grinder

Ingredients – I personally drink Kirkland’s Columbian Coffee that I regularly get at Costco (my favorite store). But if you don’t have a membership at Costco, Peet’s Coffee French Roast and Starbuck Breakfast Blend K-Cup Coffee Pods are a great option as they are among Amazon’s best sellers for coffee.

Coffee Grinders – Back in my days of having an espresso maker, my husband and I loved going to little coffee shops in the local area and test different coffee beans and which ones we liked the most – shout out to Just Steve’s Bean Factory on Randolph. My husband and I loved to grind our own coffee beans using the Coffee Bean Grinder.

Coffee Makers – I currently use a really old coffee maker which is nearing the end the use of its life. I have been having my eye on a really fancy Pour Over Coffee Maker or Cuisinart Coffee Maker. Coffee makers are convenient and fast for that quick morning coffee and surprisingly lower in calories. Definitely, came in handy when my husband and I carpooled to downtown Minneapolis and we’d each have our own coffee to sip through the commute.

I think my first introduction to a Keurig Coffee Maker was when I first started working in downtown Minneapolis. Just about every break room at least had a Keurig Coffee Maker. Now I’m not a fan of a Keurig Coffee Maker, but I know a lot of individuals love them due to it’s convenience and one serving attribute, which is great for those who mainly use the Keurig Coffee Maker for themselves. On the plus side, Keurig is always innovative on the styles of their coffee makers – coming out with new styles and colors, which I find that to be really interesting as purchasing gifts for Keurig avids.

French Presses are another way to make coffee, whether you like it hot or cold. I personally have a French Press which I don’t use often but my teenage son will use from time to time. But before you jump to conclusion, I allow him to drink DECAF coffee on rare occasions and it just makes sense for him to use the French Press for making a serving for himse rather than using the coffee maker when we’re still using it. I can already tell that he’s going to be an avid coffee drinker.

Espresso Maker – My husband I used to have a Breville Espresso Maker, which we absolutely loved but due to our busy work and kid schedule we just found ourselves using it less and less and opted for the coffee maker instead. But now that I’m working from home primarily, I would love to have the Breville Espresso Maker again and make my favorite lattes again. Definitely missed the Breville Espresso Maker when I was trying to make iced coffee using the regular coffee maker. The coffee maker didn’t do iced coffee justice, sadly.

Mugs – I. Am. A collector of mugs. If I see a cute mug that fits a mood, I would buy it just because and it wouldn’t matter if it was for me, my husband, or my kids.

If there is one mug or thermos that you would gift someone, I would recommend the popular YETI Tumbler. The YETI Tumbler that I have was actually gifted to me by my sister-in-law. I never really knew YETI brand but now having owning one, I absolutely love it. The one thing that I will mention that sets this thermos from the rest is the ease of cleaning the lid. The lip sliding part of the lid is attached with use of magnets, which allows for easy detachment and thorough cleaning. The Double Wall Glass Mug is trending right now and, I myself, have this item on my wish list. It’s so classic and clean looking and finally a clear mug to showcase delicious coffee drinks and instagram worthy.

I hope you find this gift guide to be helpful in for the coffee drinker in your life. Happy gift giving!