As Featured on First We Feast: Hot Ones (Season 7)

1. Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce – Single Bottle | 2. Humble House Guajillo and Red Jalapeno Sauce – Aged Tangy Garlic Sauce | 3. Butterfly Bakery of Vermont: Smoked Onion Hot Sauce | 4. Community Gardens: Small Axe Peppers Habanero Mango Hot Sauce 5. Hot Ones Los Calientes Hot Sauce | 6. Clark And Hopkins, Pepper Sauce Assam | 7. Culley’s Firewater | 8. Da’Bomb Hot Sauce – Beyond Insanity | 9. BURNS & MCCOY Exhorresco Hot Sauce | 10. Hot Ones Last Dab XXX Hot Sauce

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Season 7 Playlist

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