Gift Guide for a Content Creator

I would consider myself as a content creator. I love recording videos, taking photos, and editing along with posting it on my blog and on social media. I find great joy in creating content for the world to see, whether if it’s of my cooking or my family. I’ve put together some items that IContinue reading “Gift Guide for a Content Creator”

Gift Guide for the Beauty Gurus

A gift guide for that beauty guru who loves to serve a hair, beauty, and makeup. The following items put to together range from makeup to skincare, and hair tools that some of which I use and items that are on my wishlist. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 1. Dermaplaning RazorContinue reading “Gift Guide for the Beauty Gurus”

Gift Guide for the Traveller

Although traveling is not recommended right now during this pandemic. We’ve got nothing better to do than to daydream about it and why not daydream about traveling essentials? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 1. Hardside Expandable Luggage with Wheels | 2. Fanny Pack | 3. Toiletry Bag | 4. Umbrella |Continue reading “Gift Guide for the Traveller”

Gift Guide for a Coffee Drinker

I love coffee! I drink coffee every single day. When I use to be based in downtown Minneapolis for work, I was one of those people who spent money at Starbucks every single day, surely gained about 10 pounds in that first year. It was worth every single yummy delicious experience. But now that I’mContinue reading “Gift Guide for a Coffee Drinker”

Gift Guide for Getting Fit Enthusiast

With the new normal of staying in and having limited activities definitely called for the quarantine 15 to settle in. I’m sure I can speak for the majority of us when finding alternatives to be healthy at home seems is a priority for a lot of us. The following are items that a Get-In-Shape-Enthusiast wouldContinue reading “Gift Guide for Getting Fit Enthusiast”

Gift Giving Guide for a Handyman

The handyman, which of course is my husband, can never have enough tools for the endless amounts of house projects. This guide was put together with the help of my husband. Most of these items he already has or is on his wishlist, which I’m sure the handyman in your life would surely appreciate. AsContinue reading “Gift Giving Guide for a Handyman”

Gift Guide for a Cook

Tis the season for the holidays and gift giving part of the year. My husband and I have officially cancelled our Holiday get togethers with our loved ones due to COVID, however, we’re still planning on our gift exchanges and opening them together virtually with friends and family. With the circumstances of our new normal,Continue reading “Gift Guide for a Cook”


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