Gift Giving Guide for a Handyman

The handyman, which of course is my husband, can never have enough tools for the endless amounts of house projects. This guide was put together with the help of my husband. Most of these items he already has or is on his wishlist, which I’m sure the handyman in your life would surely appreciate.

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1. Cordless Drill Set | 2. LED Cordless Work Light with a Tripod | 3. 6Ah Batteries | 4. Framing Nailer | 5. Leaf Blower | 6. Carhartt Jacket | 7. Carhartt Hat | 8. Carhartt Overalls | 9. Tape Measurer | 10. Leveler | 11. Cordless Drill Combo Kit | 12. Clamps

Cordless Drill Set – In the humble beginnings of being first time home buyers, we took on the initiative of renovating the second level flooring our house to wood flooring but little did we know that we would have to invest in so many tools and how costly tools were. We went from using air tools to using cordless battery operated tools which my husband found to be much more efficient. The first power tool I ever bought my husband about 8 years ago was the Cordless Drill Set and my husband still uses it to this day.

LED Cordless Worklight with a Tripod – My husband recently bought a LED Cordless Work Light with a Tripod about a month ago as we took on renovating our boys’ bedroom. At first we started with painting the room, and of course, our time working the boys’ room was usually in the evenings after work so we had very little daylight to work with. At first we were using LED Shop Lights by placing it on the ground to shine upwards but we needed something else to help catch the lack of paint opaqueness and found a much better tool for the job, which was the LED Cordless Work Light with a Tripod.

Cordless Tool Batteries – Of course with all of these cordless battery operated tools, a handyman can never have enough batteries set aside to help get the house projects done. My husband recommends the 6Ah Batteries for 20V tools.

Framing Nailer – As highly recommended by my husband, the Framing Nailer, which is on his wishlist to complete framing projects such as home additions and framing rooms in the basement. As you can tell, which are other house projects that we’re going to be conducting.

Leaf Blower – Another item that we’ve recently purchased was a Leaf Blower. Living at our house for several years now we’ve never had the need to have a Leaf Blower until we’ve installed a retaining wall earlier this past summer with landscaping rocks. Fall season came and we had a dilemma of how to rake leaves from landscaping rocks so the Leaf Blower came in really handy – and it was by far less work.

Handyman Gear – Not only tools are fine and dandy but a handyman’s gotta look the part too. Just kidding, but not really. I mean, it’s nice not having to throw away my husband’s clothes every so often due to torn denim knees and holes in his shirts due to being caught and ripped from random things. A had purchased my husband a Carhartt Jacket a few years back which worked perfectly for when he use to build wood fences in the fall for a living. Carhartt Hats are also trending now as a fashionable accessory. I’ve bought my husband a few Carhartt Pants and I plan on getting more clothing items such as Carhartt Overalls – these are great clothing items especially if the handyman in your life is constantly working on the floor. You can say goodbye to torn pant knees, that’s for sure.

Sidekick Essentials – Of course, these following items may not be the stars of the show but without them there wouldn’t be a show. These sidekick essentials as I will like to call them are just as handy, if not more important, than the rest of the fancy tools. Needless to say the Tape Measurer, Leveler, and Clamps are also perfect gifts for handyman.

Show Stealer – Now the show stealer of them all is the Cordless Drill Combo Kit to cover the basics of any tool set. Not only is this the perfect gift for the handyman in your life but also a great item to gift new homeowners for the holidays.

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