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I would consider myself as a content creator. I love recording videos, taking photos, and editing along with posting it on my blog and on social media. I find great joy in creating content for the world to see, whether if it’s of my cooking or my family. I’ve put together some items that I use personally and have found to be great tools in my creating process and I’m sure the person you’re gifting will love them too.

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1. Softbox Studio Lighting | 2. LuMee Duo by Case-Mate | 3. Selfie Ring Light | 4. Photo Backdrop Stand | 5. Apple iPhone 11 Pro | 6. Apple iPad Pro | 7. Apple Pencil | 8. VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera | 9. Overhead Video Stand Phone Holder | 10. SanDisk 64GB X2 (128GB) MicroSDXC Ultra Uhs-1 Memory Card | 11. Camera Shutter Remote Control

The Eye of the Beholder – I have always envied those who know how to use and capture beautiful photos with a DSLR Camera. I envied them so much I had even purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera many years ago, which is also another great gift to give to someone who is looking into advance their photography and videography skills. I, on the other hand, no longer have the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera as I have other preferences, but don’t let that refrain you from gifting someone this item. I know plenty of people who love DSLR cameras and use it professionally.

Looping back to other preferences of shooting content, I prefer to use my Apple iPhone 11 Pro primarily and currently testing out my VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera. I love my Apple iPhone 11 Pro as I always have it with me and it’s convenient for me to capture photos and videos. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro is by far the best phone camera I’ve ever own as it has three camera lens, 1) Wide Camera, 2) Ultra Wide Camera, and 3) Telephoto Camera. Now, I’m not going to get in to the technical aspects of the lenses and what they do but what I do know that I can capture an object up close and capture a wider view without stepping back so significantly. There’s also another feature of taking portrait photos that show depth which gives it that feature that SLR cameras have. I use my Apple iPhone 11 Pro to capture all of my current photos and videos on my Instagram and Facebook. I should also add that the Apple iPhone 11 Pro can capture underwater – below is a clip of our adventure in Maui earlier this year (before covid).

The VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera was purchased in hopes of capture more content when we go on our adventures. In the meantime, I’m currently testing out the VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera with arts and crafts projects and we’ll see how that turns out, be sure to follow or subscribe for more updates on that as well.

Stands – Along with these capturing gadgets comes with its entourage of support. The Selfie Ring Light stand that I own supports holding a phone and capable of holding other gadgets like the VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera (given that this product provides its own stand accessories to attach to the stand). The legs of the Selfie Ring Light stand is adjustable to any height from table top to the height of a normal tripod. The Photo Backdrop Stand is great for when you want a clean and crisp background to take photos of a product, yourself, or for video recording purposes. I use an Overhead Video Stand Phone Holder for when I shoot a bird’s eye view of my cooking videos and take photos of clothes for my Poshmark closet.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Lighting is everything when capturing your content. The Softbox Studio Lighting is ideal when you want that full lighting an object without casting hard shadows. I use this lighting when I’m capturing photos of my Poshmark clothing items. As previously mentioned, the Selfie Ring Light, not only can be used as a stand but also a lighting component. The Selfie Ring Light is great for beauty gurus capturing makeup tutorials or anyone creating Tiktok videos. However, if you’re out and about and need lighting to take better selfies or group photos, I would recommend a LuMee Duo by Case-Mate. Before covid and on nights out in downtown Minneapolis, I would use LuMee Duo by Case-Mate all the time to capture our adventures – below is a photo of me and my husband using my LuMee Duo by Case-Mate.

My husband and I at Marvel Bar in downtown Minneapolis, MN

Accessories – Other items that will make content creating more smooth would include SanDisk 64GB X2 (128GB) MicroSDXC Ultra Uhs-1 Memory Card, I would suggest getting multiple, especially when using action cameras like VanTop Moment 3 4K Action Camera. In addition, a Camera Shutter Remote Control for pressing record or take a photo from a far. My son is also a content creator, his specialty is creating Lego stop motion videos and uses the Camera Shutter Remote Control to allow the camera to be stable and the frame to stay consistent.

Illustration – Besides capturing photos and video, I use an Apple iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil to illustrate digital content like published books. The Apple iPad Pro comes with illustrative and editing apps like Adobe Photoshop for iPad, Adobe Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, and so much more.

I hope you enjoy this gift guide for the content creator in your life. They will surely appreciate these items and level up their content creating capabilities. Happy gifting!

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