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With the new normal of staying in and having limited activities definitely called for the quarantine 15 to settle in. I’m sure I can speak for the majority of us when finding alternatives to be healthy at home seems is a priority for a lot of us. The following are items that a Get-In-Shape-Enthusiast would enjoy.

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1. Adjustable Dumbbells | 2. Thick Yoga Mat | 3. Resistance Bands | 4. Foam Roller | 5. Apple Watch Series 3 | 6. Apple AirPods | 7. Water Bottle | 8. Running Shoes | 9. Sports Bras | 10. Yoga Pants with Pockets | 11. Folding Treadmill

Weight Lifting/Resistance Training – My husband purchased a pair of Adjustable Dumbbells years ago which I thought was so innovative as to how it was designed. These are a pair of dumbbells that you can adjust weights anywhere from 5 pounds to 50 pounds, I believe. Unlike the traditional dumbbells that take up space, these Adjustable Dumbbells are space savers where it can be tucked away in a closet or any corner of the home. It’s perfect for both me and my husband to use. Resistance Bands are also becoming quite a popular trend, which is also on my wishlist, and perfect for booty workouts. Use the Resistance Bands by itself or add it to your weight lifting workouts for additional challenge.

Cardio – A Folding Treadmill is on my treadmill. Ever since we cancelled our gym membership due to the pandemic, I’ve been eyeballing this Folding Treadmill. My home is limited on space and this Folding Treadmill is perfect as it offers the feature to be folded upright and out of the way when not in use. Maybe when the boys’ room is complete then I can make room to move all of their stuff from the first floor to their room to make space in the living room.

Yoga/Rest Days – Whether you’re stretching, doing yoga, warming up – I would suggest a Thick Yoga Mat like that one that I have. Unlike yoga mats that I’ve own in the past, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the Thick Yoga Mat peeling. The thickness of the also provides additional knee cushion support for when doing floor workouts like modified knee pushups. A great alternative to stretching out those sore muscles is a Foam Roller that’ll help target the soreness. I use a Foam Roller after days of strength training as it takes me longer to recover.

Workout Gadget – I am an avid Apple user so I am bias when I recommend gifting an Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple AirPods. I absolutely love the Apple Watch Series 3 as a tool for my workouts. It allows for me to set my goal calorie burns for the day, how many calories I’ve burned for a workout, and how many calories burned for the day. The Apple Watch Series 3 allowed for me to experiment how many calories burned from a cardio workout in comparison to a strength training workout. The Apple AirPods are ideal for working out and listening to music. You don’t have to deal with cords being in the way when running or when doing HIIT workouts. I hear people’s concerns about the Apple AirPods falling out while working out, which I’ve never had that happen to me. I love the flexibility of taking an ear piece out to pause and do what I need to do and then resume by placing the ear piece back in my ear to resume the workout music (this comes in handy when you have needy kids).

Workout Gear – Everybody needs a workout gear. One can never have enough Sports Bras. Do you know how many times I go through my drawers and think to myself that I need more Sports Bras? For someone working out on a consistent basis and also wear Sports Bras as loungewear, it is definitely an essential gear for general purposes. Now when it comes to yoga pants, you must gift yoga pants with pockets! Not only are yoga pants for workouts but worn daily basis as loungewear. Last but not least, a well-and-intact-no-leaking Water Bottle to hydrate when crushing those workouts!

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