Happy New Year (2022)


Happy New Year! May your new year start fresh and for you to press restart, at least that’s what I’ll be doing. Hoping to accomplish more in 2022 from what was simmering for us in 2021. There are a few big projects that we’ll be planning for this year, hence all the planning I’m doing to help us be more successful. First things first, time is important, and I’ve got to prioritize my time, be diligent on executing tasks, and allow more time for my health. 

Time Management

I love binge-watching shows and diving into what grabs my attention on social medio. Find I find myself wasting hours away without accomplishing anything that I was supposed to do. Then anxiety kicks in and my lists of tasks feel like I’m hoarding on words of empty promises. As a way in decluttering my thoughts, to practice being still and present, I’ll be picking up daily journaling, hence what you’re reading. I used to journal as a little girl writing about a boy who didn’t love me but that’s beside the point. In a grown as women now and I’ve got some serious adulting to do. But on a serious wrote, binge-watching shows and rising social media was an escape for me to run away from what was getting me closer to my goals. As a new year’s resolution, I’m going to set time as any priority. 

Executing Tasks 

Okay. I’m guilty for not completing tasks that I set for myself. But at least I make tasks knowing that it’s out there for me to do. I’ve done 50% of the work. I think where I lack in completing these goals is that I’m not diligently reviewing and strategizing these tasks daily. I think that by incorporating this bit of effort could be my way of pushing things through. 


Yes, I know that health is on the fore front of everyone’s new year’s resolution but I’m more focused on a lifestyle and the benefits will follow. I’ve never really had a major issue with my weight, more so of how I should better take care of my body of what to consume and how to be stronger. Which is the reason why I’m looking more into a vegan / plant-based way of eating for my main meals. I wouldn’t call myself a vegan but more of an explorer of the different types of vegan recipes I can make and go about my day without stressing about meal preps. Other than eating healthy, I’d like to be stronger. To be capable of picking up my four-year-old and be a better partner in helping any husband on building projects as we have lots of those for 2022. To incorporate an exercise routine, I’m going to attempt for myself to go to bed at 9 pm and wake up at 5 am to workout. I’m going to set 15 minutes for yoga warmups, 30 minutes on strength training, 30 on cardio, and 15 on cool down. So that’ll total to a total of an hour and a half. 


The trick to all of this is balance and for me to not have a burn out. But I think if I can manage my time wisely, I’ll be able to do it. Most importantly, it’s about documenting my life’s journey on how I went about in building this beautiful life of mine and taking you on this journey with me.

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