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It’s been a while since I’ve last posted a blog post, I’ve been clearing my mind and making space to make room for his new chapter in my life. I’ve been blessed for experiencing milestones and continue to strive for continuous growth and happiness. The year 2020 had brought a lot of things into perspective, for me to reflect my priorities in life, and what my next step in life would be. I call it The Brook Project.

On March 1st, my husband and I finally closed on a 23 acre land in Brook Park, MN. We’ve always discussed about owning land but never did I think that we’d actually do it as we’re both such daydreamers, but I guess dreaming is where it all starts. There were several reasons as we made this move and the following is a series of reasons that made sense to make this dream a reality.

Daddy’s Girl

I grew up as a city girl on the weekdays and a farm girl on the weekends in my early childhood. My dad would bring me and my siblings to various farms where he raised chickens. My dad and I have many conversations about owning land ever since I was a teenager, mainly because I wanted him to have something to call his own instead of using other people’s farmland. The conversations went from me wanting to get land for him some day, to me still working towards it, to him recently saying that he’s giving up on the idea of it… which really made my heart sink and I felt that. I guess for him it was easier to give up on the idea of it than to hope of something that may not happen, fortunately, that’s not the case. This was a major flex of me reciprocating the love that he has provided to me as the greatest father I could ever ask for. When I updated my dad each process of checking out the land, putting an offer, the seller accepting, and finally to closing… I was hoping for a jumping joy reaction, but he had such a mellow reaction! Like c’mon dad, this is something we’ve always talked about! But my mother tells me that he’s low key excited, he’ll probably be more excited when there’s a house on the land.

“Like Mother, Like Daughter”

My mom on the other hand was way more excited than my dad when I told her about it. She was the one who called to follow up when we were going to close on the land. Now, it’s me and my mom talking about ideas, such as farming, having a greenhouse, to her even mentioning about possibly retiring on the land – which just validates were on the same wavelength. Subjects that I would imagine having these discussions with my dad. It’s funny how things turn out in ways that you don’t expect it. “Like Mother, Like Daughter” is what my dad would always say, but usually only when my mom and I quarrel. But now, we’re good. My mother and I have a better mother-daughter relationship now than we ever before. I guess we needed time, space, and me being a mother for our mother-daughter relationship to come into full circle. I can now see where I get my crazy ideas from, so course “like mother, like daughter.”

The Heart that I Spill on the Pages

Motherhood makes you think of moments that you can create more of for your children. Moments like having a huge family reunion in Washington state and watching my stepson, Micah, spend most of his time outside in the forest just playing with nature and exhausting his restlessness. As a child with special needs I noticed that this environment brought him peace and I wanted more of that for him.

03/06/21: Kids exploring the land for the first time.

My toddler, Zane, is happy with pure nature of sticks, stones, dirt, and running. In my womb, he was very active – always kicking. Zane started walking at 10 months and I’ve been chasing him ever since. I want more space for him to roam and explore his curiosity to his heart’s content.

In retrospect, memories that I don’t want are those without my fur baby, Bruno. We had a scare about 6 months ago when we thought our 9 year old Pitbull was gone forever when he went loose in our backyard and went missing for 3 of the longest weeks of our life. Weeks of crying, worrying, and afraid of not having more memories of him running on open land and growing old with us. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case as we were able to have Bruno back to our family safe and sound.

My Past, Present, and Future

The first people I texted after officially closing on the land was a group text to my brothers. They were just as excited as I was. Because what I have is for them to enjoy too. Already buzzing about plans for the summer for camping, my brother asking to shoot his guns, and the amount of fun that our kids are going to have.

The Pencil to My Paper

Last and not least the pencil to my paper of writing my ultimate love story. Our 10 years of being together and married for 5 years, raising two healthy boys, a loving dog, and this land for us to create even more abundant memories. Can’t wait to write the next chapter of our love story.

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