January 2020 Date Night

Welcome to 2020, I know many of you had New Year’s resolutions but did it include going on more date nights or connecting better with your beau. Now if you’re like me, married for almost five years with two children, a date night is a must, amongst everything else you’re trying to balance. So first things first, make the time for it! My husband and I chose the 15th of every month because it was the special day that we got married. So doesn’t matter what day the 15th it falls on, we make it our priority on taking ourselves out to reminisce our love and our spark for one another.

Figuring out what to do for a date night can be simple or adventurous. For this month our date night fell on a freezing cold Wednesday work night so we were limited on things to do outside. But as we both love sushi and my husband loves a good beer, we headed out to two spots in downtown Saint Paul here in Minnesota.

Sakura Restaurant & Bar

350 St. Peter Street, St. Paul, MN 55102


First stop was to Sakura Restaurant and Bar. First thing we ordered was sake to start the night.

I had a Salmon Skin salad that was very savory with no additional dressing. The natural juices from the Salmon Skin was enough to make the salad dish that much more enjoyable.

Next I ordered the traditional miso soup and my husband ordered the miso soup with clams. What was funny was that the Japanese waitress brought both of miso soup to us and only have my husband a spoon. I flagged one of the other waiters that I was waiting on a spoon and he said to me “oh, she probably thought you were Japanese because we drink the soup from the bowl”. Fun fact, I didn’t know!

Next to go in our tummies were the sushi rolls!!! We ordered the Spicy Tuna roll and Dancing Eel roll. Oh my gosh, best rolls I’ve had in a long time. The Spicy Tuna was truly spicy as they it should be as normally at other places it isn’t. The Dancing Eel had a nice crisp and crunch to the taste. So good, definitely will be seeing us as usuals to this restaurant for our sushi fix!

The Bulldog Lowertown

237 6th Street E, St Paul, MN 55101


Next stop was to Bulldog that was 0.8 miles from Sakura, practically a 3 minute drive in the freezing cold. My husband loves the variety of beer that Bulldog offers. I, however am not a beer drinker so I opted for a Barone Merlot.

Luckily we didn’t stuff ourselves at Sakura and had room for more food! The great thing about Bulldog is that their appetizers are so delicious that they can be the only things you order and be happy with. It just hits the spot for bar food. I’m fan of spicy food so I had to order their Double-Smoked Bacon and Jalapeño with Ranch Cheese Curds. These weren’t as spicy as I expected them to be but definitely hit the spot as far as fried cheesiness goes. Most fried cheese curds that I’ve tried the batter tends to get soggy after a while, however, I must say that their batter for frying was really crunchy.

I love a good spicy chicken wing so I ordered the Fear the Reaper with Cajun Ranch Korean BBQ so for kicks. It was still a tasty chicken wing but not high on the spice meter.

My husband ordered the Jalapeño Popper Burger and ordered a Surly Axeman beer. I must say their list of beer is no joke.

We ended the night with good food and drinks in our belly. Make date nights happen, fall in love again.

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