Lalor Christmas 2021

There’s something about kids that just makes the holidays more enjoyable. Nothing moves you more as a parent than knowing exactly what to get them. Family members would ask me all the time what my kids would want for Christmas and selfishly I wouldn’t tell them THE items that they would really want because I’d want to get it for them myself. Mommy wins best present award… always. 

Growing up, my brothers and I would wake up at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day, run into our parent’s bedroom and wake them up to obviously state the fact that it was Christmas Day and how could they could possibly sleep in on such an eventful day. Not my kids. They don’t know what waking up at the crack of dawn means. That morning, my husband and I woke up, went into our boy’s bedrooms to wake them up. Zane, my four-year-old, was content in staying asleep, so I picked him up into my arms, his head on my shoulder as we walk down the downstairs. My 15 year-old-son, Micah, lagged behind as usual. I placed Zane on the couch and gave him wake-up kisses. I stepped away to make coffee while I waited for Micah to come downstairs. Zane didn’t wake up until I said in his ears if he wanted to wake up to open his gifts and play with toys. “Toys” was the key word. So Zane instantly woke up and my husband and I gave the boys their stockings.  

As the boys opened their presents, I wondered if this would be the Christmas that Zane would remember because I could’ve sorn those gifts would’ve been the first thing for him to rip into. And for Micah, I’m glad he doesn’t feel the need to desire anything for Christmas. In his words, he has everything so there’s nothing he can think of that he wanted. 

Christmas Day was simple, I was able to enjoy the day with my husband and kids, relaxed, and watched my kids play their gifts all day. 

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