Welcome to the hub of my recipes, everything from nostalgic upbringings of food to new unraveling creations. My love of food was always a surrounding factor in my environment. I grew up helping in the kitchen with everything from prepping to cooking. The kitchen was always a place of lending a helping hand and it was from observing and doing that I learned how to cook. Although, I didn’t have the love of cooking at a young age as I felt that it was a chore cooking for the whole family. It was much later in my life when I started raising my kids that I wanted them to have the same connection and nostalgic to food as I had.

All of the dishes that I grew up with had no written recipes and essentially every ingredient was eye-balled, which explains my style of cooking to this day. I would crave a certain dish and always find myself calling my mom or my aunties on how they made it. As I created my own dishes, I would now find myself being at the other end of the table being asked for the recipes. Thus, the birth of this blog and all things food and recipes galore.

You’ll find that a lot of my recipes include whole foods, fermented sauces, and unique ingredients that you don’t often see in your traditional grocery store. You’ll find that a lot of my recipes are a variety of styles from different parts of the world as I like to try a variety of flavors and explore different ingredients and just have fun.

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