The Vegan Transition

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose gained the infamous 15 pandemic pounds. Eating everything in sight. Eating what the kids are eating. Or simply eating junk food just because you don’t want it to go to waste. Those were my excuses. But I came across these documentaries as if it was a sign from a higher power telling me, “Girl, get yourself together.” It wasn’t so much about gaining weight, of course that was a factor too, but it was more about how to get rid of always feeling tired.

I had watched an episode on Netflix called The Health-Span Plan from The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow that peaked my interest about how our diet and lifestyle, more specifically a vegan or pescatarian diet, could potentially improve our health to which our biological age (not true age) could be younger. This led me watch another documentary, like The Game Changers, that explained how eating a plant-based or vegan diet resulted in higher energy and faster recovery of illnesses. And that was more of what I was interested in – that crave of energy.

As a mother of raising two kids and a household of never-ending chores, I craved the energy that I didn’t have. So I decided to embark on this transition to a plant-base or vegan diet just to test how my body would react to it. Little did I know of how much of a challenge it was going to be to re-train my mind about food and being creative with new recipes. This experience definitely opened my eyes to new lens of what I could substitute for certain foods.

The goal was to be on this plant-base vegan diet strictly for as long as I could do it, which lasted for about a week and half and on and off afterwards. After 21 days I had noticed that my energy levels increased and I easily dropped 5.8 pounds easily with little exercise.

Start of vegan diet

I didn’t realize that there were a lot more vegan products sold in stores and least expected it to be at Target of all places. Dropped so much money at Whole Foods that I didn’t realize vegan food was so accessible at other places. Youtube and Tiktok definitely helped me spark the creativeness in cooking vegan dishes, especially asian vegan dishes, because I wasn’t going to wake up eating oatmeal for breakfast and bowls of salads – no shade to the people who do actually do that. I need the spice, herbs, the umami, and all of the savory flavors.

Of course, cooking plant-base or vegan dishes at home was half the battle, it was eating out at restaurants that was more challenging. It was either these restaurants had one or two vegan dishes and if they did – the dishes weren’t off the charts delicious. If these restaurants didn’t have vegan dishes, of course, vegetarian was the only option. All in all, I do believe that restaurants are noticing this trend of veganism and are effectively coming up with vegan dishes. I’m starting to love is our very own St. Paul’s Tongue in Cheek restaurant this local restaurant offers a variety of vegan dishes with different cuisines, so if you’re ever in the area, please check them out – not sponsored.

It’s been about two months so far on transitioning to a more plant-base vegan lifestyle. And by transitioning, I mean not strictly on the diet. It’s been challenging retraining my mind to think of other alternatives and learning so much more about the food that I’m consuming. Fun fact, did you know that vermicelli bean thread noodles are actually from mung beans? I was today years old when I found that out and I’m in my thirties. I just thought it was made from rice flour or something. I’m so late to this. Also, did you know that bean sprouts are sprouts from a mung beans? I eat these foods on a regular basis and I never wondered where it came from… but now I do.

All in all, a plant-base vegan lifestyle is a great option to view food. Is it realistic? Yes. Is it challenging? Yes. Am I going to stick to this lifestyle? I’m considering it and I’m taking the initiative in transitioning. One day at a time. If you haven’t follow me yet on social media, like and follow my instagram and Facebook for more upcoming vegan dishes and recipes.

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